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Welcome to the website of dr. Linde Vancraen and dr. Annabelle Mingneau

Dr. Annabelle Mingneau is on maternity leave until the 2nd of June. On February 23rd, she gave birth to a son called Marcel.

Dr. Desiree Schrijnemakers will be available as full time replacement during the absence of dr. Annabelle until the end of May 2024.


All doctors will have access to your files.

If you have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection or a gastro-intestinal infection, we ask you to wear a mouth mask in our cabinets, in order to protect the other patients and the doctors.


Dr. Linde Vancraen



I am Dr. Linde Vancraen, general physician and sports physician. I am recognized as a Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) physician. Furthermore I am certified to administer and interpret ECGs.

I studied at KU Leuven and completed my formation with internships at doctors offices in Hoeilaart and Genk. As I grew up in Loonbeek it was my love for the region, and it's people, that brought me back. I am fascinated by the immense variety in medicine and I am convinced that sport is important for all aspects of health and well-being.

Dr. Annabelle Mingneau

As general practitioner, it’s with a lot of passion that I’d like to assist you in every aspect of your health. Both young and old are welcome with me.  
I grew up in Ottenburg, and I’m very enthusiastic that I can take care of the people of my own region.

I studied at the KULeuven and gained practical experience by working in general practices at Overijse and Wilsele. I also worked for 7 months at the departement of geriatrics at a hospital. I am certified to administer and interpret electrocardiograms.

The schedule below shows you when the doctors are available for appointments. 
During the "call time" you can reach the doctors by phone for non-urgent questions. 


Are you planning to make an appointment for a sport-medical examination? Please, fill out the questionnaire below.


Do you think you need a home visit?  If so, please call us before 11am if possible.


We like to take time for each patient and give everyone our full attention. Therefore we would like to ask you to call between 12:30-13:00 or 17:00-17:30, for all non-urgent questions and matters unrelated to home visits. 

Are there multiple people in your family that need a check-up? If so, please make multiple appointments to ensure that we can give all of you the best care possible.

                                                     MONDAY            TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY             FRIDAY

8.30h: Appointments            Linde en Desiree         Desiree                 Linde                      Desiree                   Linde

12.30-13.00h: Call time                 Linde                   Desiree                   Linde                     Desiree                    Linde

14.00h: Appointments                 Desiree                  Linde                     Linde                       Linde                      Desiree

17.00-17.30h: Call time                Desiree                  Linde                    Desiree                    Linde                      Desiree

17.30h: Appointments                   Desiree                  Linde                    Desiree                     Linde                      Desiree

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